Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sexy Chic

***SOLD OUT***

*Phew* Ain't this a hawt one?!
***Mannequin is wearing Sexy Chic in Misty Grey***

Sexy Chic in Misty Grey

A closer look at the studs for Misty Grey! This piece is equipped with two functional side pockets!

Stretchable waistline for that optimum fit! The back pockets are non-functional :)

Sexy Chic in Black

A closer look at Sexy Chic in Black!

Ahhh... our crown jewel for this time around! Made from thick quality cotton, this piece right here is absolutely spectacular! The studs for Misty Grey is actually silverish grey while the studs for Black is actually black color. This piece is even suitable for petites due to its small cutting. And ohh, there's an extra lining underneath the mini too!

Sexy Chic is available in:

Misty Grey (SOLD OUT)
Black (SOLD OUT)


Item measured flat:

L: 31cm
W: 33cm

RM 37.00


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