Monday, November 23, 2009

KRYOLAN Makeup Review!

Hello girls!

I know this doesn't seem like the normal update, but I'm here to share something uber exclusive! So hear me out first okay :)

And so, this is a review post for KRYOLAN Makeup, which is based in Germany. To cut the whole deal short, KRYOLAN is a professional makeup range, and it is well known in the entertainment biz. For instance, the picture below was taken during Miss Universe 2009!

And guess who did their makeup?

KYROLAN did the makeup for every contestant in Miss Universe 2009! That's Stefania Fernandez! Ooohhhh she was so breathtaking!

I know when us girls are watching the show... we'll be like "ooohh look at her gown! her legs! her hair! OMG she's flawless!"

But guess what? Here are more pictures for you gals to drool over for...

This is a picture of Sumaiya Al Riyami and her makeup was done my KRYOLAN!

If you darls are still curious, do check out KRYOLAN's official website here!

Now that I've got your attention :P I'm here to tell you that you can buy KRYOLAN products here! In Malaysia! Phew I'm so excited!

As you can see, the products below are only some of the items sold at

This baby right here is known as Dermacolor Skin Plastic. And lookie lookie this magic can cover everything! Blemishes, pimples, pimple scars and even chicken pox scars included babes! Do check out KRYOLANINMALAYSIA to see in details how it works!

This... is the magic stick! LOL naah it's called the KRYOLAN Eyebrow Plastic. Guess what it does?! There's a tutorial on how to use this product in KRYOLANINMALAYSIA.
As a teaser though, I'll tell ya that you can totally revamp your eyebrows with these!
Sounds too good to be true? Or don't see my point? Check out KRYOLANINMALAYSIA and see it for yourself darls!

Moving on, this is the KRYOLAN TV Shading Stick! You've guessed it dearies! It's for all your highlighting and shading needs! Also available in KRYOLANINMALAYSIA!

This right here babe is definitely what the fuss is all about! This is the fantastic Dermacolor Fixing Powder which is selling like hot cakes! Hear this gals, this loose powder right here sets the makeup in! So say goodbye to sweats, humidity or even tears that causes our makeup to melt! The uber incredible feature is that it's WATERPROOF! Yes yes dearies! WATERPROOF! Now you can look like a goddess and go for a swim too! I want one... don't you?

Haih... with all the magic in these products, I find myself in love with each and every product KRYOLININMALAYSIA has to offer! Known as the KRYOLAN Fixing Spray, it's purpose is to prolong makeup's life and it's effects. All you darls have to do is spray it before and after you put on your makeup on and... ta-dah! Smudge-proof and rub-proof makeup! Good for those who always 'accidentally' rub their eyes and face :D

By the way darls, KRYOLANINMALAYSIA is currently having a contest! All you gals who are interested to participate only have to:

1) Be a Follower in KRYOLANINMALAYSIA!
2) Create a post promoting KRYOLANINMALAYSIA on your blog!

The winner will be selected by KRYOLANINMALAYSIA on the 10th December 2009 and you'll stand a chance to win:

KRYOLAN Supracolor Oil Base Makeup worth RM53.00!
Hehe I'd like to win it myself, and there will be 10 lucky winner which would be selected. There are also 10 consolation prizes to be won. Check out the details in KRYOLANINMALAYSIA!

Also, these are some of the other products I found that I LOVE which is sold in KRYOLANINMALAYSIA.

First, the Urban Decay Primer Potion!

Prime your eyes using this and apply your eyeshadow. You'll be amazed with the results! I'm looking forward to get it when they restock!

A 120 color palette that needs no introduction. But have you seen it selling for RM65.00!?
I know I haven't.

Do check them out ya! They also have various eyeliners, blushers, lip palettes, eyelash curlers, mascaras that yearns for you darls to take 'em home!

Check out: now!


With Love,


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