Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hello again darls!

This time around, we've having SALES! for ALL of our AVAILABLE items!
We'd like to clear all of our previous collections in order to make way for new ones!

So let's get this over with!

Prices for every SINGLE item will be RM3.00 off!
If you buy TWO items: RM6.00 off!
If you buy THREE items: RM10.00 off!!!

Hah! But if you buy more than three pieces from us, the price will be negotiable!
I'm nice am I?

Hurry darls!

SALES! is only available for these items:

Slashed Zipper Bodycon Dress

Studded Tube Dress
Floral Lace Leggings
Sexy Naughty *
Jewelry Holder
I Faney My Blouse
Angelic Dove Kimono

SALES! will start from today til I say it's over! Weeee!

Limited Stocks too dear :) Hurry!


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