Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sweet like Sugah!

***SOLD OUT***

I LOVE it! Don't you?!

Seriously, what is it with me when it comes to studs!?

Sweet like Sugah! in Envy Me

Sweet like Sugah! in Purple

Sweet like Sugah! in Neutral Black

Woot woot! We definitely love this! A Forever 21 inspired dress! Made from Rayon material, this dear is awesomely tailored! And more studs! We can't get enough of them! This is dress is suitable for almost every occasion, be it a date, girls night out, movie nights and even partayyy! What else could you ask for dearies?

Sweet like sugah! available in:

Envy Me (SOLD OUT)
Purple (SOLD OUT)
Neutral Black (SOLD OUT)



So grab grab grab huns! Stock is 1 piece each color!


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